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"Nick has a friendly and laid back manner, mixed with a sound knowledge of hypnotherapy. I would highly recommend this course (Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma and Certified Practitioner of NLP) to anyone looking for an accredited trainer. With content suitable from novice to the more experienced, you will gain a lot of knowledge and tools to further your career in hypnotherapy and NLP."

Benjamin Hasker


"Felt really comfortable and relaxed, very knowledgeable without being swamped by 'jargon', made everything understandable. Perfect balance, cannot think of one area that would need to be done differently. Brilliant course, made me feel inspired & ready to be the therapist I want to be!"

Julie Gilby


"I have attended many CPD courses, in my experience Nick strives to attain + achieves the highest standards in the field."

Neil Pickering


"Nick is great at putting his students at ease so that they get the most they can out of their training. He is clearly committed to wanting to help the individual and his open manner encourages the client to open up and get the results they are looking for in their treatment."

Sara Kate Taylor - Psychotherapist


"My 2nd course with Nick & this was even better than the first. Thanks Nick - it was brilliant!"

Nick Farmer


"What an excellent course! Delivered in an engaging way by Nick Davies.  BLAST is an elegant and highly effective technique for the treatment of PTSD and Trauma. It is designed and delivered in a course format that makes learning and application simple for the practitioner.

Nick has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he combines in this technique and in the course and shares with generosity.  

I thoroughly enjoyed the course - a weekend well spent.  What a great investment!"

Nike Lawal - Cognitive Hypnotherapist 


"I was recommended to use Nick Davies for Hypnotherapy Training (including NLP), and I can say that I wasn't disappointed. The course, in my opinion, was excellent, fun and hard work. Nick got me out of my comfort zone on several occasions, and I'm so glad that he did, as I am a much better hypnotist and hypnotherapist because of it.

Nick was extremely welcoming and put me at ease straight away. I would recommend that you check out Warwickshire School of Hypnotherapy, you wont be sorry."

Jan Littler


"As always, a great days training with Nick. Informative, thought provoking, fun, great value and great company. Nick always delivers in a relaxed, interested, informative and fun style."

Dot Lindon


"The knowledge that Nick has acquired and his ability to share it is second to none. All questions are answered with expertise, giving students the confidence to use their skills at the high standard that Nick delivers on all his courses."

Elaine Neous


"Nick has a broad knowledge of Sports Psychology & Hypnosis alongside a large amount of practical experience working in the field. ~He is very thorough and helpful in applying the theory into practice and getting the most out of the material. I would highly recommend him and his courses."

Stuart Wade - 4 x World Champion Taekwondo and Kickboxing


"This is my second training course with Nick and as expected was high quality and well delivered. Thank you!"

Nicola Beattie


"Great course and great value for money!"

A. Summerfield


"Anybody wanting to add a valuable therapeutic tool to their practitioner's toolbox should consider Nick's BLAST workshop. The opportunity to see the protocol demonstrated and to practise it for yourself is a first-rate way of learning. Nick's stories of the BLAST applications from his own casebook are also illuminating - demonstrating what can be achieved with a wide variety of clients and presenting conditions with this powerful technique."

Chris Sutcliffe


"Awesome course, can't wait for the NLP!"

Earl James


"I arrived excited, nervous and full of wonder. I enjoyed every moment, lovely guy, very knowledgeable, filled me with hope, 'can do' attitude and friendly way of delivering the course. 10/10. Thanks."

Jen Blazenby


"Without doubt an entertaining and enjoyable workshop and great learning environment. Many thanks!"



"A truly brilliant workshop from start to finish. Lots of laughter, fun and learning in one package. Truly the best workshop/seminar that I have been on post initial course, will come back for more courses, thanks Nick."

Nick Farmer


"Another fantastic training workshop. Fabulous trainer, always a pleasure. Great techniques with great results. Until next time!"

Dot Lindon


"An enjoyable and useful workshop that has provided me with all I need to develop my future practice in sports performance mind coaching, thank you."

Andy Gudgeon


"We had people on our course from all levels and backgrounds from those with years of of hypnosis experience, to those who came for their first introduction to hypnosis. Nick has a quality to his training that kept all of us engaged at all times. I would like to thank Nick for helping me get back on track with my future and will be coming back for further training to advance my career."

Chris Munroe


"Really good, learnt a lot, Can't wait to put it into practise. Relaxed environment with fun interjected into learning, you had great stories to tell during the breaks which I enjoyed too"

Jenna McLeod


"An excellent course full of fantastic ideas and techniques to enhance performance both on and off the field of sports. I will be using some of Nick's techniques in my clinical work as they are easier and cleaner than some of the techniques I'd previously learned. Nick is a great tutur and excellent story teller which makes the exchange of information a very enjoyable process."

Bob Burness


"Very highly recommended course, loads of exciting stuff! Well worth it!"

Mark O'Donoghue


"The workshop was really good and I feel I have increased my skill set as a physiotherapist for complex patients of a sporting nature."

Paul Grennell


"As an NLP Master Prac & Life Coach it's always great to watch other people work, Nick is up there with the best.

Nick is so passionate about his subject it can't help but enthuse the attendee. There were plenty of techniques, practise but as importantly FUN!

I have no hesitation in highly recommending Nick - Work with him you won't rregret it!"

Rob Brennan


"Amazing, you are a very talented man, used that Palm read induction twice today you are a genius! Amazing investment, thank you!"

Jaye Reed


"The BLAST technique is such a powerful tool to add to any therapeutic skill set. The utilisation of practical components was extremely beneficial in grasping the technique and validating BLAST as an important tool in any PTSD work. I will definitely use BLAST in my practice."

Chantal Bernard


"Excellent workshop, well prepared with thorough supporting notes & congruent, competent trainer who captivated the group with sensitivity & precision and delivered a very empowering day."

Dr Mark Chambers (GP)


"I had an excellent day BLAST Technique training with Nick. His confidence and delivery were faultless and I look forward to using this technique with my clients in my own practice.

Nicola Beattie


"A value for money, informative and very well presented course - I'll be looking for the other courses that Nick offers."

Sue Wilson


"Excellent. Plenty of chance to practise. Enjoyed the group session with Nick as the difficult client. Thoroughly enjoyed this, a lovely group I can't wait to start using this. An excellent practical course. Another therapeutic tool for my toolkit. Thankyou Nick."

Dr Jo Waddell (GP)


"You talk the talk and walk the walk! To me, that's very important - theory is all well and good, but experience is key. Excellent - especially with the Early Bird discount, worth travelling up from Plymouth for."

Penny Sumuels


"I just wanted to let you know of a quite startling result we had using BLAST yesterday and to say a big Thanks once again for making this technique available.

I had a chap in with a fear of flying following a bad experience 12 years ago. Since then he had forced himself to fly to visit family in Jamaica and coped by drinking a bottle of spirits at the airport before departure then sitting with his head between his legs for the whole flight - no toilet break, no stretching the legs, nothing! Needless to say he had become very stressed by this and had refused to fly since 2011. A forthcoming trip in May forced him to do something about it.

It took us about 6 or 7 sets of passes during we had some amazing physiological responses including a full-on reaching for the sick bag, which was a bit scary. He jumped in his seat so much at one point that it made me jump! Anyway to cut a long story short we got through all of that to some really positive cognitions and an profound acknowledgement that 'I feel different, and I am no longer scared of it'. A quite startling turn around for this client. We've a bit of confidence building still to do with him, but really the bulk of the work has been achieved in the one session!

Both he and I we're a bit stunned, and impressed with what he had achieved - he kept saying 'It can't be this easy!'"

Chris Sutcliffe


"Thanks Nick. This course has been so useful for my practice, I really enjoyed the tricks and mentalism too. All round great weekend."

Dot Lindon


"Nick, the course that you provided was the perfect balance of theory and practise. I really enjoyed the demonstrations of techniques you provided and the ability to run an enjoyable course, enabling everyone to feel comfortable in taking part."

Chantal Bernard


"Hi Nick, Thank you so much for an enjoyable training day. I had the opportunity to use the BLAST Technique on my receptionist who lost her son a few years ago in a car crash. She would always become tearful on thinking or hearing about her son. I only spent a few minutes with her using this technique, and now when I ask her about her son, she no longer wells up. Truly amazing stuff."

Dr Naveed Akhtar (GP)


"An informative workshop with plenty of practise. I feel happy to utilize the new found techniques within my clinic."

Katherine Hilton-Hayes


"Will definitely be coming on more training, liked the welcome, style, wit + teaching. Great course, great teacher, wonderful learning experience."

Mark Ward


"Really enjoyed the workshop and the practical components of the day. I found the morning to be beneficial in setting up the space for practise in the afternoon."

Chantal Bernard


"Great value and encouraged debate and discussion - covered practical techniques that will be useful with clients."

Chris Sutcliffe


"Nick has a very warm & nurturing approach to coaching. He has the ability to make you feel really comfortable and coaches you in such a way that you learn through enjoyment. You feel that you don't want the lesson to end and very much look forward to the next one."

Elaine Neous


"Expected training to be difficult due to technique being aimed at trauma, but Nick made it really interesting to learn the technique in a very relaxed manner."

Dr Anh Vien (PhD)


"Was worried the course would be shallow but I was wrong! I feel equipt to help the clients I meet with PTSD amongst other things, which suprised me."

Dianna Tibble


"Great pace, content, manual and lots of practical to reflect and improve with great useful feedback"

Kate Edwards


"If I was a client I would feel comfortable seeing Nick. His knowledge of EMDR came across professionally and passionately."

Brian Evans


"Nick really knows what he is talking about. He is obviously passionate about the subject and has years of practical experience to back it up. Brilliant workshop!"

S.E. Wolton


"I found the day inspirational. Some areas of training are difficult but I feel that after today, competent enough to use these new skills at the earliest opportunity. It was a great group and I look forward to the next training session by Nick Davies. Thank you very much."

Cathy Leader


"Nick is very passionate about what he does and really gets results. I feel safe with him and wouldn't hesitate to take further courses with him."

Debra Massey


"Found Nick Davies workshop excellent value for money. The balance of theory & practise was just right. I have learnt so much & will be using BLAST & EMDR within my own clientwork."

Tracey Passingham, Bsc (Hons)


"Just to let you know I have now used BLAST & EMDR on several clients, and it's amazing! Thank you so much for making learning this powerful tool so simple and enjoyable!"

Anna Finn


"Hi Nick, I just wanted to thank you again for one of the most amazing and beautiful experiences of my life. I slept so well last night for the first time in months, and feel so calm, peaceful, and resourceful.

And what I really get about you now as a hypnotist is that you're not just doing TA as the nurturing parent, you really have a very caring and nurturing heart.

I have just finished working with 2 clients, used BLAST & EMDR with both of them: one was a chronic fear of death, the other overeating to deal with tragic loss. Brilliant results with both - of course - this is a really powerful and liberating technique. I have just booked onto the TH course - can't wait to see you then."

Jay Dudley


"Brilliant training day, informative, fun & really useful. This will add yet another tool to my toolbox."

Anita Tulley


"My time with Nick will enable me to further my practice and skills and help work more effectively with clients. Thank you very much, would return for future training."

Ian Williams


"I enjoyed the whole day training, I found you very inspiring as a trainer and imagine you to be a very good practitioner changing the lives of many people"



"Nick's training is thorough and competant for continued professional development in a fascinating field with proved practical application."



"Bobbing and weaving, Nick Davies wove a sophisticated canvas of powerful techniques that cannot help but improve sportspeople excel in training, recovery and the all-important competition. Nick's skill in performance coaching is nothing less than vital for success.

Mark Gosbee


"Excellent tuition a good balance between theory & practical"



"This was an excellent weekend packed full of very useful & relevant information. Nick's congruent approach and dedication to providing 100% value was evident throughout the whole course"

Simon Goodlad


"An excellent course for all abilities. I am a Hypnotherapy student and this has given me bags of confidence and the motivation to go out and do it."

Vincent Benedict


"Just a short mail to let you know how my coffee thing is progressing.  Since Saturday when you waved the magic pen my coffee consumption has gone from 6-8 giant mugs of very strong coffee down to 2-3 a day of smaller mugs which are not so strong.  I wanted to swop coffee for smoothies and it has worked, I think about making coffee then when I go to the kettle find myself making a smoothie instead, which has had an unexpected bonus because each time I had coffee I would have something “naughty” with it and that has stopped too. I am so glad I volunteered to be your guinea pig in class that day and many thanks for helping me to break my coffee habit."

Anita Tulley


"I feel I leart a lot today, Nick was very approachable & put everything in a context that I understood. I hope to use his techniques as I learn more about Hypnotherapy."