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Supervision/Peer Support Groups

Our "Supervision/Peer Support Groups" are run regularly in order to satisfy your requirements as a new Hypnotherapist and your ongoing learning and continuing professional development (CPD). We welcome people of all levels to ask questions, share knowledge, experience and to network with other therapists and coaches. I can provide one to one peer support on request. Everything discussed during the meetings is strictly confidential.


I will also be hosting a free "Open Afternoon" from 2pm to 5pm after the 19th March 2017 meeting for people interested in studying to be a Hypnotherapist, you are welcome to attend this to share you experiences and invite any friends along who may be interested in studying with us, please register yours and their attendance with us at info@wsoh.co.uk please. Thank you in advance, Nick



Next Group Meetings:


* Sunday - 19th March 2017 (10am - 1pm) (Doors now closed)


Venue: "The Jacobean Hotel" Holyhead Road, Coventry CV5 8HX


Cost: £25 (either click to pay with Paypal below or email us at info@wsoh.co.uk to secure your place and pay cash on the day)