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Supervision/Peer Support Groups

Our "Supervision/Peer Support Groups" are run regularly in order to satisfy your requirements as a new or experienced Hypnotherapist and your ongoing learning and continuing professional development (CPD). We welcome people of all levels to ask questions, share knowledge, experience and to network with other therapists and coaches. I can provide one to one peer support on request. Everything discussed during the meetings is strictly confidential.


Next Group Meetings:


*New Date: TBC


"How to Spot Resistant/Problem Clients"


During the morning I will be teaching you how to spot the tell-tale signs in clients communication (conscious & unconscious) that give away sabotage that prevents the clients from either turning up or gaining the changes they require. These are the behaviours that can actually cause psychological damage to therapists, some of whom no longer practice, this is an essential for those of you that want a long and healthy career. We will also discuss client cases and I will answer any questions.


* Comes with "How to Spot Resistant/Problem Clients" CPD certificate, CPD official hours form and full notes.



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Cost: £50 must be paid by Paypal below to secure your place, only 12 places available. If you have an Apple product and cannot use the Paypal link, please email us at [email protected] and we'll send you a private link.