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Certificate in "NLP Submodalities"

Our Certificate in "NLP Submodalities - The Building Blocks of Our Experiences" is a one-day CPD workshop where I will teach you exactly what they are and how to use them.


We have 5 basic representational systems; visual (sight), auditory (sound), kinaesthetic (feeling), olfactory (smell) and gustatory (taste), often shortened to VAKOG. When we break these experiences down into the smaller components e.g. if I remembered an old pair of shoes and in my mind it was a still picture, the still picture part is a Sub-Modality of my experience, the locations, size and shape of that picture are further Sub-Modalities.


There are so many nuances and small details that make a huge difference in people’s experiences. This very “hands on” workshop, with lots of demonstrations and partner exercises, will give you greater understanding of what is going on for your client and lots of tools to elegantly change their states, perceptions and experiences.


Not only will you learn the techniques of “Anchoring”, “Swish” and “Drug of Choice” (plus others) that Bandler and Grinder the co-creators of Neuro Linguistic Programming created, but also how they were created so you can develop your own bespoke treatments for clients.


How much more effective could you be with these building blocks at your disposal?



The workshop will be run on Saturday 4th May 2019 in Coventry and is normally priced at £197, but if you book and pay before Sunday 21st April 2019 you can get the "Early Bird" discount and pay just £147!








The following topics will be covered during the workshop:


* Our 5 Representational Systems

* How body language can give away which system we are using

* What Predicates are

* Sub-Modality distinctions

* Eliciting a motivation strategy

* Anchoring

* Changing perceptions

* Changing personal history

* Swish pattern

* Playing with colour

* Anchoring kinaesthetic

* “Drug of choice” how to replace drugs with experiences

* Inducing trance states and fractionation

* Check list

* Advanced mapping of submodalities

* Next steps

* Q & A



Here is what previous attendees have said about this workshop:


"Very reassuring and obviously passionate about this, not just a day job. Has the flexibility as a teacher to allow us all to be ourselves."


"Plenty of practise and demos and freedom to ask questions any time."


"This is my second workshop with Nick and I always come away feeling better enlightened."


"By using these skills and understanding in therapy, I can better assist my clients."


"Helped me feel relaxed from the start - was worried I would be out of my depth but wasn't made to feel that way."


"Answered all questions knowledgeably and confidently, great scenarios and examples too."


"Fascinating and fun - am hooked & want to learn more. Thank you."


"Once again, Nick has unpacked, explored and forensically dissected the building blocks of imagination and experience for the benefit of improving perception in body language, conversation and improving the channelling of information during therapy.

Take this course and you'll be amazed at what you've been missing your entire life. Nick has pulled back the curtain to a much richer, textured and nuanced experience of communication, memory and the meaning we attach to the same. Brilliant! Rewarding! It feels like my senses have received an upgrade!"



The workshop will be run on Saturday 4th May 2019 in Coventry and is normally priced at £197, but if you book and pay before Sunday 21st April 2019 you can get the "Early Bird" discount and pay just £147!








The course will count towards your Continual Professional Development (CPD), you will also receive a 19 page delegate workbook and a certificate once you have completed the course.


Looking forward to seeing you there!