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Online Certificate in "Life Coaching"

Life Coaching is becoming increasingly popular in the UK after its huge success in the US; people are now opting for the friendlier term of “Coaching” as opposed to “Therapy”.


It encompasses all areas of a person’s life allowing them to gain a clear direction and more balance in today’s hectic technology driven lifestyle with your clients normally booking for banks of sessions rather than a one session “quick fix”. This is another great tool for your toolbox and an opportunity for you to attract another type of client for your practice.


The workshop will be run online over Skype on Saturday 2nd January 2021 from 2pm UK/9am EST until 4pm UK/11am EST approx. It’s £197 per person and you will receive a 15-page set of detailed handouts, and a "Certificate in Life Coaching".


Once you’ve paid by clicking the link below, please email us at [email protected] with how you’d like your name to appear on the certificate and we'll email the notes (PDF) and certificate to you. Payment must be made by the latest Thursday 24th December 2020.







The following topics will be covered during the workshop:


* Effective communication

* Why goal setting?

* How to establish where your client is now

* How to establish where do they want to be

* SMART goals

* How to identify your clients challenges

* How to identify their potential resources

* Well-formed outcomes

* Motivation drivers

* How to overcome negative patterns



Nick will also be doing live demonstrations and you will be working on your own goals throughout the day in order to create more balance and move your own life forward.


You will also receive an 17-page delegate workbook and a certificate once you have completed the course. The course is recognised towards your Continual Professional Development (CPD) and is accredited by the ACCPH (ACCPH the Professional Body for Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Clinical Hypnotherapists) and also counts towards your Continual Professional Development (CPD).


If you're still unsure check out the feedback from recent students before booking...


"I arrived excited, nervous & full of wonder. I enjoyed every moment, lovely guy, very knowledgeable, filled me with hope, 'can do' attitude & a friendly way of delivering the course. 10/10 Thanks, Jen."

Jennifer Blazeby


"Awesome course, can't wait for the NLP course. Thank you Nick!"

Earl James


"Nick has a very warm & nurturing approach to coaching. He has the ability to make you feel really comfortable and coaches you in such a way that you learn through enjoyment. You feel that you don't want the lesson to end and very much look forward to the next one. Amazing experience!"

Elaine N


"I got so much more from it than I imagined, I came into this not expecting it to be as indepth as it was. I feel like I have gained some fantastic knowledge for my business but also found out a lot about myself and how to progress moving forwards. I feel a lot more positive and happy."

Raychal Wackett


"Nick is a massively underrated trainer, his skills are top notch and anyone that doesn't take advantage of his courses will be missing out."

Shane Haron


"The course is very motivational, helps to focus on your own goals and learn the strategies to then implement with clients. I would highly recommend Nick and his courses!"

Stuart Wade


"Nick, the course that you provided was the perfect balance of theory and practice. I really enjoyed the demonstrations of the techniques you provided and the ability to run an enjoyable course, enabling everyone to feel comfortable in taking part."

Chantal Bernard


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