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Corporate Speaking & Training

I provide coaching, public speaking and training workshops for businesses; large or small. If you are looking for someone with something a bit different to the regular training companies please contact me to discuss your needs, I have detailed some of my training and speaking services below:

















* Business Coaching (one to one or group)



* Motivational Speaking



* Sales Training



* Stress Management Training



* Customer Services Training



* Leadership and Management Skills



* Communication Skills



* Team Building (including outdoor pursuits w/end courses)



* Interviewing and Interview Training


Please contact me on 024 7667 5520 or email me at [email protected] to discuss your needs and we will put a bespoke package together to meet your requirements. If you need a little more convincing before you book us, here are some testimonials from satisfied customers:


"Excellent course, excellent trainer! Really enjoyed the workshop, thank you very much :)"

Jamie Tipping - National Clinical Lead Intraining


"Communicated precisely & confidently about your ethos which made me feel confident in your competence."

Scott Callaghan - BMW


"Questions raised were answered fully and lots of additional information given. I felt safe in the knowledge the facilitator (Nick) had a high level of competence. One of the best courses I've been on."

Ann Fellows - Employment Training Support Intraining


"Hi Nick, On behalf of the board, members of Rictat and myself can I say a big thank you for your contribution to the conference yesterday. You were the right man, with the right message in the difficult after lunch spot. Thanks again and I look forward to meeting you again in the not to distant future. Kindest Regards."

Ian McDougall - Chairman RICTAT


"His training was excellent and very easy to adopt into the sales role."

Andrew Gibbs - BMW


"Very good, with a lot of experience in training/coaching."

Neil Walker - BMW


"Nick is a very engaging trainer, the passion for the course was very apparent and that allowed the training to be more enjoyable."

Abba Gordon - Intraining


"Nice guy, easy to talk to. Helped me focus on my goals more clearly."

Russell Thomas - BMW


"Hello Nick, Thank you very much, the course was much appreciated by all who attended; everyone said what good fun it was and how relaxed they felt afterwards. Thank you again."

Myton School - Warwick


"I went to the training with an open mind because I had never done anything like that before and was very surprised. I left the training feeling quite positive and motivated."

Gary Hill - BMW


"I felt that you were knowledgeable, thorough and extremely good at sharing the information in an easy to understand way, very well balanced and planned. Really brilliant - loved it!"

Jenny Fryer - Intraining, Birmingham


"Seemed very interested, actively engaged in conversation with me and could interact with very good feedback."

Chung Tang - BMW


"I have been working with Nick Davies for 6 months now, in which time he has transformed the way I approach the usual trials and tribulations that life throws at us.

Not only do I have an extremely good understanding of how my mind works (and everyone else’s) and  how to recognize the different “states” I as person am in psychologically I have begun mastering controlling my thoughts and feelings which is having a profound effect on my life both personally and professionally.  

Nick’s style is very fast acting and the coaching that I receive from him is second to none. Over the past few months I have become magnetic both socially and also with my peers in business.

I’m now the guy that is coming up with the ideas, the driving force for new ventures and growth, setting the bench mark for all around me – it’s a truly wonderful experience which I intend to run long into the future.

If there is one thing that I am certain of, is that Nick has, and will be intrinsic to my success as a businessman and also as an individual that always used to hold back and lacked confidence in himself.

Some people want it to happened, others need it to happen. With the help of Nick Davies I sincerely believe you can make it happen!!! Good Luck!!

David Dunne

Managing Director

Wow Factor Marketing Solutions Ltd

& Owner of the CREATIVE hub LLP


"Thank you so much for the session on Stress Management you ran for our staff.

Your approach was professional yet friendly which immediately made us feel relaxed.

We deal with pupils with Emotional and Behavioural issues on a daily basis and it was refreshing to focus on ourselves.

The strategies you shared have become part of our daily practice. Diaphramatical breathing at the staff de-briefing is compulsory!!

We have learnt to share our own feelings more with each other and recognise when WE as well as our pupils need time out.

The feedback from the staff has been very positive and I would like to share with you some of the comments my made about the session, thank you again and we will definitely book another session in the near future:"

Noreen Jordan (Head) Wyken Extended Learning Centre - Coventry


'' It made me think more about the emotional and psychological well being of my staff. They work so hard and as a manager I now recognise that time invested in my team helps promote a positive and more effective workforce''

NJ (Head of Centre)


'' It helped me realise the importance of reflection at the end of the day''

LS (Teacher)


'' I now feel empowered to leave my workday at work and don't take the problems home with me’’

CP (Teaching Assistant)


'' I found the session relaxing and it amazed me how I managed to focus on myself. I forgot about any problems I have’’

JS (Teaching Assistant)


''I was surprised as I usually I feel I am a strong person, in control of my emotions. Nick has given me the ability to address suppressed issues, I thought I had dealt with – enlightening!!''

MR (Teacher)


''I found his relaxation techniques outstanding as I felt  it was something that I would not be able to engage with – I  am normally sceptical about these sorts of processes''

NS (Teaching Assistant)


"Hi Nick, Thank you for attending as guest speaker at City College Coventry. The students were full of questions and the discussion continued long after you had gone. It was a pleasure to meet you."

City College - Coventry

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