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"BLAST Technique Practitioner®, EMDR, PTSD & Trauma" Workshop

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) was the probably the most effective tool out there for dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Trauma, but as with anything, things develop and change over time.

Nick Davies' BLAST Technique® is an Amygdala Desensitising Technique (ADT) which has been created and developed to work faster and more effectively with PTSD and trauma.

It has now been effectively used thousands of time by trained BLAST Technique® Practitioners for things like serious accidents, violent assaults, rape and child abuse and it has changed the lives of many people.


Without this technique I wouldn't be as an effective therapist and is one of the reasons I take the cases other therapists avoid. This is seriously one tool I believe everybody should have at their disposal!




























The following topics will be covered during the workshop:


* History of EMDR

*Who is affected? (Percentages of men and women)

* How does it work? Shapiro’s and Gupta’s theories

* The roles of the Amygdala, Hippocampus and Thalamus

* Stress and the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)

* How it affects the organism

* The NICE definition of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

* EMDR 8 Steps

* EMDR Standard Protocol

* Auditory and Kinaesthetic EMDR

* How to spot PTSD or trauma with sensory acuity

* Research and effectiveness of EMDR

* NLP, EMDR, Grinder & Dilts

* Eye Accessing Cues and my theory

* Repression or suppression of emotional trauma (signs)

* The "Pending Tray" theory

* The use of suggestion and metaphor

* What is “Transactional Analysis”?

* How clients can replay the emotional trauma

* The Drama Triangle and how it affects relationships

* BLAST Technique® - How to massively increase the processing speed

* Blast Technique® Protocol (Short)

* Personal History

* Blast Technique® Self-Care Protocols 1-4

* "Release Stress Now!" Hypnotherapy Script



The course is accredited by the ACCPH (ACCPH the Professional Body for Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Clinical Hypnotherapists) and also counts towards your Continual Professional Development (CPD).



The workshop will be run on Saturday & Sunday 22nd & 23rd February 2020 from 10am - 5pm in Coventry, West Midlands UK (it's only a 1 hour train ride from London). It's £497 for the weekend but you can get the "Early Bird" discount at £397 if you book by midnight Sunday 9th February 2020 (doors close Sunday 16th February 2020) and you will also receive a 30+ page delegate workbook, a "BLAST Technique® Practitioner, EMDR, PTSD and Trauma" certificate (providing you pass the short written examination), plus access to a private Facebook discussion group purely for registered BLAST Technique® Practitioners*, plus 2 awesome BLAST Technique® light pens! You can secure your place below (if you have any difficulty email us at info@blast-technique.com and we'll send you a private PayPal link or bank transfer details).











Testimonials from previous attendees:


"I was very impressed by Nick's depth of knowledge on the subject of how the brain works. It's a refreshing change to train with somebody that's really walking the talk and has genuine interest in passing that information to his students."

Colin T. Fisher - Corporate Coach & Hypnotherapist


"I am really impressed with Nick Davies and his BLAST Technique. In our hypnotic world that is swamped with so many rehashes of existing protocols and techniques, BLAST is something that really stands out. It certainly helped that I had already studied some elements of the course but not essential. Nick’s easy tutoring style is so inclusive, I felt it enhanced what I already knew, as well as delivering clearly, all the new stuff. While practising the technique, myself and one of my colleagues both experienced noticeable change. I feel as if I have a powerful new tool in my toolbox that will enhance my repertoire considerably. I definitely recommend the BLAST Technique to all therapists and practitioners."

Spencer Baldwin - Hpnotherapist


"Absolutely brilliant course, Nick has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he draws upon to deliver this amazing technique. This is a MUST for all therapists, an invaluable tool to add to existing skill sets. The fast, effective technique for trauma, PTSD, anxiety etc. Truly remarkable course. Thank you Nick!"

Nicki Jenkins - RGN, D.Hyp CS, CPNLP, EFT Practitioner


"Nick is a highly knowledgeable in his subject, you soon feel safe, at ease & welcome in the class. He ensures everyone understands & uses a good range of teaching styles. He is very observant & picks up on each students needs and requirements well."

Suzanne Bond - Hypnotherapist


"Nick is a superb trainer and presents the course in a way that is informative, relaxed and safe, which all adds to the ease of learning. I would recommend this course to anybody who works with trauma clients , it is a 'must' have skill/resource. Thank you Nick for developing and teaching it."

Angela King - Psychotherapist and EMDR Practitioner


"Excellent workshop, well prepared with thorough supporting notes & congruent, competent trainer who captivated the group with sensitivity & precision and delivered a very empowering day."

Dr Mark Chambers - GP


"Having just spent a fantastic weekend training with Nick in his awesome BLAST Technique, I can honestly say it's the best training course I have attended, both in value for money + content. Nick is a master of his craft + his easy manner and laid back style of delivery made the course both enlightening + entertaining. PTSD + trauma clients no longer hold any fear for me."

Sandie Doyle - Hypnotherapist


"Nick is an excellent teacher, his knowledge & his passion are obvious. Nick is down to Earth & he has a great balance of sriousness & fun which reflected in the course. I learned a very valuable tool & this technique is a total game-changer!"

Sylvia Sobota - Energy Worker


"Nick's style of presentation had me 100% engaged 100% of the time. In nearly every presentation I've been to before I've thought 'I could've done that better!', not so with this!"

Paul Hill - Hypnotherapist


"The BLAST technique is such a powerful tool to add to any therapeutic skill set. The utilisation of practical components was extremely beneficial in grasping the technique and validating BLAST as an important tool in any PTSD work. I will definitely use BLAST in my practice."

Chantal Bernard - Counsellor


"It's always difficult when time and resources are limited, to decide the areas to spend your money on. I can heartily recommend this course! Nick's easy manner & knowledge of the subject makes the learning process smooth and effective. He is quick to share additional snippets of information to help us become better therapists and takes extra time to explain things when needed. A great course, well run and representing excellent value for money!"

Karen Hayward - Hypnotherapist


"Excellent. Plenty of chance to practise. Enjoyed the group session with Nick as the difficult client. Thoroughly enjoyed this, a lovely group I can't wait to start using this. An excellent practical course. Another therapeutic tool for my toolkit. Thankyou Nick."

Dr Jo Waddell - GP


"I am finding it a GoTo technique with most clients now. This week I saw a client referred from a psychotherapist who had been struggling with compulsive alcohol consumption for many years. In one BLAST session he had connected it to a negative belief set brought about through a disparaging comment from his father many years ago. It was a real lightbulb moment for him and he remarked...' I sort of knew it, but his has helped me to really see it'..a big step forward for him.

Last week I had a 21 year old lad paralysed with anxiety about doing anything out of his comfort zone. One session of BLAST accessed a childhood memory of his being embarrassed in front of his father, friends etc and a huge fear of failure. Again, a real lightbulb moment. This chap described the experience like this: 'It was as though the front of my head went quiet and I was watching everything unfold on a screen in the back of my head'...Absolutely brilliant, I really can't speak highly enough of BLAST."

Chris Sutcliffe - Hypnotherapist


"Firstly, Nick is a great trainer coming from a space of genuine integrity. And secondly, the process of BLAST was explained with science based proof as well as the practitcal application - IT WORKS!"

Trudy Randall - OldPain2Go


"I felt the course was challenging, stimulating and interesting - all and more than I would hope for in a course. I felt that Nick displayed personal/professional values in line with my own so I felt able to 'receive' was taught/discussed without any resistance. Although the course was a little more expensive than some, it represents great value for money and I expect to make great use of what I have learnt."

Jen Scott - Hypnotherapist


"The two days were amazing. the BLAST Technique is genius! Nick is both professional & friendly. I'd come back to the UK for all his seminars!"

Zuzana Nott - Psychotherapist (Prague, Czech Republic)


"The BLAST Technique is one of the most effective methods that treat the root cause. It can be used for many things but specialises in PTSD + trauma it is a must have in any change workers toolbox".

Shane Harron - Change Worker


"Had a great weekend learning this technique. The demonstrations were particularly good and the practice so valuable. I would recommend learning 'BLAST' and training with Nick."

Kerry Welch - Hypnotherapist


"Nick is a superb trainer. He has you wanting to learn more and more. There is never a dull moment and I am looking forward to using this new technique in my practice. I can't recommend highly enough."

Claudia Rickard - Psychotherapist


"Nick is very knowledgeable and a great trainer. The BLAST Technique is going to be an amazing addution to my practice. It is super effective + gets much faster results than traditional EMDR. We did lots of practical exercises so feel confident using this straight away."

Denise Searle - Hypnotherapist


"This course is a hidden gem. Nick is an amazing guy who teaches with love and respect."

Nico Manta - NLP Practitioner & Hypnotherapist


"I would thoroughly recommend this course & it's creator, Nick Davies. He is a very good trainer who has many years experience & is obviously brilliant at what he does. A great course."

Karen Peters - Hypnotherapist



* We set high standards for BLAST Technique® Practitioners and we reserve the right to remove and/or block you from the FB group without explanation.

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